Friday, October 25, 2013

Husband Catches His Wife Red Handed With Lover In A Hotel

 With this kind of mess, it is getting clearer these days that some married women are living with their husband but carrying the baby of another man inside the same house. Immorality of the highest order!

It was the end of the road for this promiscuous married woman as her husband caught her in a local hotel as she was busy doing things with her lover. Unfortunately, the woman, said to be very quiet and acting like she can't even hurt a fly, is already pregnant.

The husband stormed the cheap hotel where his quiet wife was "enjoying" herself  following a tip-off, and he was shocked beyond words. He is now doubting if he is indeed responsible for his wife's pregnancy.

A source say the man she followed to the hotel was her former boyfriend before she got married recently.

Some women are just poison...too bad!

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