Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winner Takes earth?

I stumbled across this website today and came across some very mysterious symbols and advertisements but I have no idea what it is for.

It seems as though messages have been placed in various places around the world. The places are

- London goal.com
- Times Square, New York goal.com
- Rio De Janeiro goal.com
For those that regularly watch BBC or CNN or those that read news from goal.com. It is not longer a news anymore of the Mysterious writings across the continents...an unexplainable hashtags have appeared as well as undecipherable cryptic codes and
hieroglyphs the hashtags simply says "WINNER TAKES EARTH"....the first place it appeared was on Rio de janeiro's world famous sugarloaf mountain in Brazil, South america, then it also appeared at Hackney marshes London,England, Europe nd again it appeared at d New york city times square in the USA,North America...since then scientist and other gurus of the world have been trying to read meaning to these mysterious thing

Here is a link to the site - www.mysteriouscircles.com

 More photos below

What message are they trying pass?

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