Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kim Wonder - There Was A Boy (Audio)


We last saw her in a crispy fresh music video "How You Dey" that was shot in South Africa immediately after her first EP release in 2012. The Nigerian born singer and entertainer Kim Wonder also known as "Kimwonder" is back with fresh new R&B tone as her first official single from her forthcoming album. The single "There was a boy" tells the story of a girl who is deeply in love with a boy who does not care anymore.

Kim Wonder also known as "Kimwonder" is a Nigerian artist.
This gorgeous songstress has beautiful vocals that match both her physical appearance and personality. Her music career started in England with her first studio recording before she relocated to Nigeria where she started a dance/music band. It's her unique voice and versatile style that keep her fans wanting more of her great music. She is a singer that can easily switch from Pop to Rock, Techno, Afro Pop, R&B and Urban Music respectively, proving that there is no limit to her vocal ability.

Kim Wonder is no stranger to the music charts with her current singles "How You Dey", "KiloKilo" and "Work, Rock &Dance" dominating music charts across Africa. Her music is heard not only in Africa but also in most parts of Europe.

Enjoy this beautiful tone from Kim Wonder

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