Thursday, September 12, 2013

Avast Internet Security and Avast 2050 Crack Free download

Today, I want to share with you guys the steps and procedures for downloading and installing an Anti-virus software. We have different kinds of Anti-virus programs/softwares, such as ESET, McAfee, Norton, Avast etc. I am only going to talk about Avast! There are two versions of Avast Anti-virus software- the Avast free Anti-virus and the Avast internet security. The difference between the two is that Avast Internet security Anti-virus program can protect your computer or any other device that uses Avast Internet security Anti-virus program from online attacks and also protect your system, files, programs etc, from malwares, viruses, etc. The Avast free virus does not protect you from online attacks. Now that we are clear as to the difference e between the two, let’s move at the speed of light. I am going to teach you guys how and where to get Avast Internet security (I prefer Avast internet security). The version of the Avast internet security is 8.0.1489. To download avast internet security, visit Click Here (always skip the ‘stupid’ Ad). Don’t visit any other site! The software is about 120MB to 141MB. The software is usually in trial mode. Some of them are already expired or are yet to expire. Do not worry, I have got a fix for that. The next step after downloading the Avast internet security would be to download another program. The program is actually a patch/crack which will remove the trial version of the avast internet security. This application will extend the date of the license/expiry date of the avast internet security to 2050! Yes, I said till 2050! To download the application, visit Click Here (always skip the ‘stupid’ Ad). The instructions as to how to use the avast crack (about 1.2MB) is in the compressed file. Unzip it and you are done! After installing the Avast, go to User Interface and click on Settings at the top right hand corner. Go down and click on Troubleshooting. Disable “Enable Avast! Self-Defense module”. This step is very necessary. This has to be done before you run the crack (i.e. setup.exe in the avast crack you have downloaded). If you had done all these, run the setup.exe in the avast crack. Reboot your system…. Open the Avast Program and click on maintenance. Then, click on subscription and yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, your Avast Internet has been licensed by ZeNiX and the expiry date is around 2050! ENJOY! If you have any questions or encountered any problem don’t hesitate to comment here. Like Our FB Page to get more sweet updates Click Here

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