Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Man claims he is Dillish's Father

Dillish Mathews, who won $300,000 prize in the just concluded BBA reality show has not met her dad before. Her mum was impregnated by a man who was on peacekeeping mission in their country and somehow she lost contact with her then boyfriend.

All efforts to locate the man had failed as Dillish's mother said her former lover stopped replying her letters and she don't even know which country to go to look for him.

But now that Dillish has won $300,000, this man has come out to claim he is her father:
Few days after Dillish granted an interview saying she is looking for her father, this man, a Kenyan, is claiming he was the one who impregnated her mum and that Dillish is his biological daughter.
who knows if he is after the money?

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